Arriving and thriving

Posted: July 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

After a long day of travel, and a mediocre night of sleep, I am ready for life in Berlin!  Here is a short recap of the last 48 hours:

14:00 EST July 12th – left Youngstown, Ohio, also know as Yompton, the Yo, Yotown (sometimes Ho-town), and Ghettoness (not my words)

15:00 – arrival at Cleveland Hopkins International, bye best friend, Chelsea!

15:10 – begin security screening #1

16:55 – board first flight from CLE to JFK

18:50 – arrive 40 minutes early in NY, w00t!!

21:20 – leave 20 minutes late for London, meh.

8:30 BST July 13th – arrive 30 minutes early in London, Heathrow (the airport from HELL).

9:00 – commence security screening #2

9:05 – discover that my 11:00am flight to Berlin has been cancelled, which means MORE time in the worst airport man has ever created (of course, leave it to the Brits to achieve that one…)

9:15 – receive my rescheduled flight for 16:10 (that’s right, seven gruesome hours in Heathrow), plus a ten-pound voucher for lunch (really British Airways? I should have told you bastards I was missing a very important meeting and that ten pounds wasn’t going to cover my grumpy appetite…but I guess I’m a nice guy.).

9:30 – 15:27 – too hellish to even recount, although I did get a free ale (or a free orange juice? not sure which was gratis) from The Crown Rivers – one of Heathrow’s “premier” pubs to dine at while ripping skin off of flesh, just so you can bare every grueling second in their airport.  Cheers, mate!

15:28 – the supposed time that the gate number will be posted.  Hahaha, yeah, right.

15:29 – …

15:30 – …seriously people?

15:31 – rolling eyes profusely

15:33 – freaking finally! Off to gate A9 (which was fortunately right around the corner…I was dreading gate C20, which was a 25 minute walk from where I was in this particular terminal…did I mention there were FIVE terminals this size?) Brits must be known as fat because they don’t travel outside of the UK; if they did, they’d sure as hell get enough exercise traversing their damn state-of-the-art airport.

16:25 – board the plane 15 minutes late because BA couldn’t locate the person in a wheelchair who needed seated first…

19:30 CEST (13:30 EST) July 13th – arrive in Berlin!  Bless this country – the moment I left the British plane, everything was streamlined and fluid, as to be expected in good ole Germany.

19:35 – standing outside of airport (that’s right, customs, boarder control, AND luggage in FIVE minutes.), buying the wrong ticket to my destination.

20:00 – walking aimlessly beneath the apartment I am staying at looking for some way to call Jonathan, one of my roommates (and great nephew to my guest father in Bonn, Jost).

20:30 – I finally give up and turn on my American cell phone (sorry mom!)

20:35 – welcome home!

I ended up watching a bit of Der Kaufmann von Venedig (Merchant of Venice) with my new roomies, but got pretty tired, went to bed, and then couldn’t sleep for two hours. Oh well, life is awesome.


10:00 CEST (4:00 EST) July 14th – wake up and go for a jog by the nearby Kammergericht and Kleistpark.

10:10 – realize how horribly out of shape I am

10:40 – walk home and help someone find their way (but I just arrived, I was confused, too.)

11:00 – shower

11:30 – GERMAN SUPERMARKET!!!!!! You have nooooo idea.

And then I came home, made a delicious breakfast, and started writing this blog.  I want to keep tabs on my experiences here in Belrin.  Since I am here for academic work, it will be important to keep my daily thoughts and actions current and fresh…but I also want to reflect on my time living in the capitol city of Germany, something I will remember for a lifetime.  Up to this point, I am more than excited for the next 8 weeks – I have awesome roommates, who have an awesome apartment that they are so graciously sharing with me, I am in a central place (seriously, my favorite grocery store is a block away, and I’m 10 minutes away by tram from all the good stuff to see), and I have an awesome plan to rejuvenate body and mind.

It’s been five days since I had my last bite of meat, even though being in Germany will prove a true challenge for my vegetarian/vegan aspirations (vegetarianism in Germany is one thing, very feasible, but veganism is yet to be determined, I’m certainly trying though!); I’m 1/1 on exercising (I know, this number is a joke, but you have to start somewhere, usually at the bottom…I only just arrived!); I have the energy and motivation (without coffee) to actually achieve things as far as my senior thesis is concerned (which is the point of this trip, really); and I am also hoping to get Hunger Games under my belt (yeah sorry Mallo, it was somehow in my bookbag – I’ll read it though, I promise!), as well as my summer reading assignment for my sustainability class next quarter.  tits.


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