Surprise party, surprise cake! What a super Sunday.

Posted: July 31, 2011 in Food, Roomies, Vegan

So tomorrow is Friedericka’s birthday, and Jonathan (these are two of my housemates) is planning a series of surprises for her (what a sweet boyfriend he is!), distractions and all.

As I mentioned before, Friede is making great strides to turn over a new leaf and eat vegan, and she is making it fun (a must, I would say, if you want to incorporate any new habits into your life).  Jonathan thought this was a bit absurd (in the friendly and playful way, I s’pose) at first, joking with me that I’ve given her crazy ideas (damn proud of it, if I may say so sir).  Now, Jonathan is ready to support her endeavors (again, what a guy).  Today she and Jonathan made hummus from one of my new recipe books – great success – and I made tortillas to accompany the spread, yuuummmmmmm!  We enjoyed a wonderful homemade, vegan breakfast together – what a great feeling!  Bonding with the roomies just got better.  Actually, it’s going to get even better: since tomorrow is Friede’s birthday, and since she is really trying to switch to vegan, and since I just bought a whole book on vegan baked goods, Jonathan has asked me to help him make her some good eats.  He filled me in on his day plan, incorporated my assistance into, picked out a recipe, and now he and I are making her a vegan cheesecake!  I am smitten with this outcome.  There will be an update of the outcome later this week.


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