Archive appointments, sitting cakes, and cold war tours

Posted: August 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yesterday’s birthday festivities were a great success! Friederike was hit with surprises left and right, keeping her in suspense the whole time.  The “like” cheesecake came out pretty awesome – I say “like” cheesecake because that because the joke of the day between Jonathan and I, the recipe called for a cream cheese substitute called “wie frischkäse” or “like cream cheese,” so by the end of it, it was no longer vegan cheesecake, but “like” cheesecake.  I have a picture of the thing attached below.  What happens when you spend the whole day switching back and forth from one language to another? You end up mixing your languages up, and, if you’re me, you’ll get a few laughs in the process. As I was explaining to everyone how you get the “like” cheesecake to have a thicker consistency – which is to let it sit overnight in the refrigerator – I mistakenly used the German word for sit, but Germans don’t say that, especially with something like a cake. The reason? Stools, cups, jars, bottles, and cakes all stand on surfaces, whereas books, napkins, paper and the like lay on the table.  Although I felt pretty stupid in the moment, Friederike made a mistake herself a few minutes later.  Swim, swam, swum in English is schwimmen, schwamm, geschwommen.  Friederike instead said schwomm, which, again, resulted in roaring laughter.  The joke then became: the cake sits in the refrigerator and swum in thought. The German is much funnier, at least it was at the moment.

I finally have my first appointment to visit the archives! This is truly exciting, as I am *finally* starting to fulfill my purpose of being here (not that I wasn’t already, but the archives are the exciting part of it). Unfortunately, I will probably be short-handed as far as resources in the archive are concerned, as most things were burned in the 20’s, but you never know…maybe I’ll find a few surprises.  More on this to come.

Today I get to see one of my friends from Bonn! The first since my return to good ole Germany.  We are meeting in an hour and going on the underground cold war tour – pretty exciting! It includes old bunkers and subway systems from WWII and the Cold War, should be a good time. I’m sure I’ll have more pictures of this once I get back, so stay tuned!

Oh and if you didn’t catch my segway segment below, you need to read that (part of “Vegans unite!”).  Just sayin’.


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