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I guess I don’t need much of an intro to explain why I’m writing a blog post at 1:15 in the morning.

A brief recap of my weekend:

Friday I visited the Tag der offenen Tür again, as mentioned before.  I couldn’t help but get the feeling I had quasi-met some well-known people (let it be known that I did not speak a word to them, nor they to me, so I guess it was more like observed and was in the presence of). As I was flying from London to Berlin, there were identical twins, males in their late 50’s, who had quite an eclectic look to them, so eclectic that you just know there’s something about them.  Being in England, I assumed they were British and didn’t really think twice (this may be a great time to mention that, despite my previous post, I have NOTHING against British people, truly.).  However, as I was sitting in this dark room, watching this super eclectic film about these grotesque bird-like humanoid things traversing Berlin and confusing the hell out of people (big emphasis on the word eclectic there, it was quite entertaining though), I turned my head to see them both in the room.  The Germans who were hosting the video seemed to pay particular attention to them, directing all comments at them with a sense of dignation.  So, I haven’t given it another second of attention until this very moment, and I am astonished to report that I identified them in 2.3 seconds (who would have thought the search ‘famous identical twin males art’ would be successful…damn, the internet sure is scary).  You can read about them here:  Quay Brothers (they are actually American, go figure. And if you’ve already heard of them, please excuse my ignorance).  And after you’ve read up on them, it should be pretty clear why they had a private viewing of this video (and how I managed to be one of seven in the room is still beyond me).

Saturday I walked for about 9 hours straight, which was good because I did not go for a run (mostly because my muscles were bitterly protesting my renewed sense of needing to move frequently…being a student is great for being lazy.), workout achieved anyway.  I went and bought a few things that I reluctantly did not pack…I really need to use my brain next time I travel.  After a few hours of scouring the Kurfürstendamm area, I walked to the next Tage der offenen Tür event I was anticipating: a free classical concert.  This was a real treat, as any musical show is.  Immediately after leaving the concert, I proceeded to a concert of a different kind: the Germanic Studies student body was hosting their annual faculty party (not faculty in the sense of instructors, but faculty in the sense of all Germanistik students), as all German students and their respective disciplines do (word on the street in Bonn was that the Agrarians throw the best parties…I went to it on my birthday in 2010…it’s a night I’ll never forget, but at the same time I have a real hard time remembering it).  The only reason I knew of this party was because my housemate Jonathan and his band were playing there.  I arrived just in time to drink a tequila sunrise (I’m pretty sure the girl forgot the tequila), and catch their show – one word: awesome!  Only so many people go from classical to rock n’ roll in a matter of hours, I’m proud to be one of them.

Today was a great day of reading for my thesis!  I got another chapter under my belt, which seems like so little, but if you had to read this stuff you’d be happy with those results, too. I also managed to cook a delicious vegan meal for Jonathan and his girlfriend Fredericka (Jonathan’s initial reaction was “you can stay!”, gotta love hearing that) – coconut rice with sauteed potatoes, green beans, and mung sprouts, yum!  I made fish for Jonathan, too, because if I cook it isn’t necessarily fair I force others to adhere to my dietary choices…I don’t think they would’ve complained though really.  If you’re curious for the recipe, drop a line! (it was easy to make, promise).

Now I’m just sitting here waiting for the caffeine to finish coursing its way through my veins…soon enough, I feel exhaustion creeping up on me.  The week ahead is full of reading, planing, more reading, hopefully some writing (the ultimate goal at this point!), some more reading, and delicious vegan eats (homemade hummus turned out pretty good, next is to experiment with kidney and white beans).  And I’m always open to suggestions if you have any.